8 Different Drawing Styles You Can Try Right Now

1. Realistic Drawing Style: This style aims to accurately represent subjects with detailed proportions, shadows, and textures, often resembling a photograph.

2. Cartoon Drawing Style: Known for its exaggerated features and simplified forms, the cartoon style is playful, humorous, and commonly used in comics, animations, and children’s books.

3. Abstract Drawing Style: Emphasizing shapes, colors, and textures rather than realistic representation, abstract drawings express emotions and ideas through non-representational forms.

4. Calligraphy Drawing Style: Rooted in the art of beautiful writing, calligraphy drawings are created using specialized pens or brushes to create intricate lettering and decorative elements.

5. Surreal Drawing Style: Surrealism blends reality with fantasy, creating dreamlike and unconventional imagery that challenges traditional notions of art and explores the depths of the subconscious mind.

6. Minimalistic Drawing Style: Focusing on simplicity and using only essential elements, minimalistic drawings convey a message through clean lines, few colors, and negative space.

7. Impressionistic Drawing Style: Inspired by the impressionist painters, this style captures the essence and feeling of a subject rather than its exact details. Quick brushstrokes and vibrant colors create a sense of movement and atmosphere.

8. Manga Drawing Style: Originating in Japan, manga drawings feature highly stylized characters with big eyes, exaggerated expressions, and dynamic action sequences, often used in manga comics and anime.